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General Queries

Q1: Which area of Singapore is covered by transport services?

A1: We cover most parts of Singapore. However, for families who stay very far from the school, we may not be able to provide transport service due to long journey times and cost constraints.

Q2: Will the bus wait for us if we are late?

A2: Buses will not be able to wait for the student. This is to avoid unnecessary delays for other passengers and to ensure the bus can reach the school on time. For the ride home, young children must be received by an adult. Otherwise, they will be sent back to school to wait for the parent to pick them up. This is to ensure that there is proper supervision for the younger children.

Q3: Does the bus company provide insurance coverage for my child?

A3: Yes, Singapore law requires each bus to maintain a third party vehicle insurance coverage. No vehicle is permitted on the road without having purchased this insurance.

Q4: How do we know that the buses are safe for our children?

A4: Every bus will be inspected annually by authorised inspection centres to certify that the bus is safe for travel as required by Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

Q5: Who will take care of my children while they are on the bus?

A5: During travel to and from school, there will be a female bus attendant on board each bus to supervise the children. Their primary duty is to maintain discipline on the bus and to ensure that the children do not compromise the safety of the bus during travel. However, our bus attendants are only allowed to verbally advise or admonish misbehaving children. Therefore, we require parents to counsel and advise their children the proper norms of behaviour on board school buses so that each rider may have a pleasant ride.

Q6: Am I allowed to put my child on a different bus for a stay-over at a friend’s place or to have a different pick up/drop off point?

A6: As a safety measure, children are NOT allowed to take a different bus or have a different pick up/drop off point.

Bus application procedures and related queries

Q1: How do I apply for the bus service?

A1: Please complete the bus registration form available at the school main reception counter and send it back to us via fax, email or postal mail. You can also write in to us to request for a copy of the bus registration form.

Q2: What documents do I need for bus registration?

A2: We need the completed bus registration & indemnity form.

Q3: My Company is paying for the bus fare. How do I arrange for the invoice to be sent to my company?

A3: Please indicate on the registration form that invoice should be billed to your company. You will need to provide all relevant details on the form. This will be taken as the standing instruction until notified otherwise in writing by the family.

Q4: How soon can my child be on the bus after my registration is sent in?

A4: Acceptance of application depends on factors like coverage and eligibility of the child to be on school bus. If all terms are met, we expect an average of two working weeks for the child to be allocated a seat on the bus. This time is required for us to make changes to our routes; inform families that are affected by such changes and deploy additional buses if there is a need to accommodate new applicants. However, if there is spare capacity on our buses, your child will be accepted immediately. Incomplete or late submission of the bus application form may result in students not being able to get on the bus on the desired date. Please note that priority will be given to students who take our two-way bus service. Single trip service is subjected to availability.

Q5: How much notice is needed when I intend to change my place of residence or when I am a new applicant for transport service?

A5: We require a minimum notice of two weeks in order for us to plan and arrange for transportation service. The notice given must include the actual start date or date of move and the address information.

Queries related to travelling on our buses

Q1: Why do the timing and bus changes?

A1: Bus and pick-up/drop-off timings are dependent on the composition of families served by the bus. It will change as new families apply for transport service or when families move from one place to another. As a result, bus sizes and timings are adjusted accordingly. However, we will strive to minimize the impact of such changes by taking into account the previous timings that families are used to.

Q2: Why is it that when my children are picked up first, they are not dropped-off first?

A2: The pick-up and drop-off positions are dependent on the route travelled. The route to school may differ from the route homewards.

Q3: Why is it that my child is not the last to be picked up though my address is the nearest to school?

A3: Although distance is a major factor when planning the route, other considerations such as time, route efficiency and road conditions determine the pick-up positions and sequences.

Q4: Why is there a longer travelling time by school bus as compared to private car?

A4: Buses are not just picking one child/family and coming to school directly, but are picking up multiple children/families along the way to school. Also, the time taken for embarkation and disembarkation of the children at the various locations will add to the overall journey time of the bus. Hence, there is no equitable comparison with cars or taxis which provide point-to-point transport service.

Q5: Where are the pick-up and drop-off points?

A5: As a rule, for private condominiums, all Pick-up and Drop-off points are at the Guardhouse or gate barrier. Our buses are not able to provide door-to-door service in a condominium because it will increase the journey time. For private houses, all buses will Pick-up and Drop-off at the gate of the house. However, certain private housing estates have narrow roads or a dead end that prevents our buses from making a turnaround. As such, students will be transported in so far as it is practical and safe. The bus driver will advise the family of the nearest Pick-up/Drop-off point.

Q6: Why are buses late at times?

A6: Buses are late due to a variety of reasons. They include: traffic congestion, parents arriving late to receive their children at the designated pick-up point, bus breakdowns, etc. In the interest of better customer service, we will call to inform families about late bus arrivals whenever possible. Families who require quicker information may contact us.

Bus service cancellation procedures:

Q1: How do I withdraw from the bus service?

A1: With regards to termination of bus service, written notification must be submitted to us at least One month prior to the termination date.

Q2: Is there any refund?

A2: Yes, there will be a pro-rata refund for the period paid for if an advance One month notice had been provided. However, no refund will be made for student whom is suspended by school.

Bus fares and modes of payment:

Q1: How do I determine the bus fare for my child?

A1: It will be depended on the location of where the child will be pick up/drop off.

Q2: What modes of payment do you accept?

A2: At present we accept cash or cheques for payment. However, for control purposes, we prefer that families issue non-negotiable cheques to be made out to the payee as stated on the invoice. Internet banking arrangement is also possible. Families or companies that make payment by overseas wire transfer or in foreign currency will have to bear any miscellaneous charges associated with this mode of payment.

Q3: I would like to pay the bus fare. How do I do so?

A3: Payment can be made either by cash, cheque or GIRO/inter-bank payment.

  • Bank Name: OCBC Bank
  • Account Name: Season Bus Services Co. Pte. Ltd
  • Bank Branch: Sixth Avenue
  • Branch Code: 666
  • Bank Code: 7339
  • Account No: 320-262-001

Please make sure to include the invoice number as well as the transaction reference to ensure a smooth verification process. Kindly email us after you have made the transfer with your payment details, the name of your child, date of transfer and the amount transferred.

For payment made via cheques, the crossed cheque should be made payable to Season Bus Services Co Pte Ltd. Please remember to write your child’s name and the relevant invoice number on the reverse side of the said cheque so as to ensure proper crediting of your account.

You may choose to mail your cheque to our mailing address, available under the contact us section.

Alternatively, you can come down to our office or the school to make payment. For cash payment, we seek your kind understanding NOT to pass the cash directly to the bus aunties or bus drivers.

Q4: When should payment be made?

A4: Payment should be made within 2 weeks upon receiving the invoice. If payment is not made within the stipulated deadline, we reserve the right to suspend bus service to the families until full payment is received. Families who require special consideration should write to us stating the reasons for extending the payment deadline.

Update of school bus information at

For Charter

FAQ relating to Trip/Time Based:

Q1: What is trip based and time based difference?

A1: Trip based means:

  • One way transfer – From Point A to Point B
  • Two way transfer – From Point A to B then back to Point A
  • Time based means: It is by per hour basis, which is also
    known as disposal service.

Q2: How long before the charter date must the bookings be made?

A2: It must be made at least 3 working days in advance.

Q3: Types of buses available for chartering?

A3: Please go to our fleet to have an understanding for
types of buses we have.

Q4: Penalty for cancellation?

A4: Cancellation charge amounting to half the total charge is applicable for cancellation notice made not less than 3 working days before the chartered date. Full charge will be imposed if cancellation notice is given less than 3 working days from the chartered date.

Q5: Midnight charges?

A5: If charter starts before midnight but runs into midnight, there will be a surcharge applied in addition to the additional hour charge/normal charge. Midnight is noted to be from 2359 hrs to 0600 hrs.

Q6: How can the payment be made?

A6: Full payment is payable after the charter. Payment is strictly by cash or cheque payable to “Season Bus Services Co. Pte. Ltd.” However, 50% deposit is required for bulk bookings.

Q7: Additional charges for charters that run into peak hours?

A7: There will be an additional charges during peak hours. Peak hours is noted to be 0700 hrs to 0900hrs and 1630 hrs to 1900hrs.

Q8: Difference in charges for weekday and weekends?

A8: Charges are the same for both weekdays and weekends, but do note that peak hours charges still apply on a weekends.

Q9: Is there a discount for bulk bookings?

A9: A special package can be worked out for bulk bookings such as Company Family Day, Company Functions, Company shuttle services etc, just email or give us a call in the Contact Us section.

Q10: Can changes be allowed after confirmation?

A10: Change notices given before 3 working days to the charter date can be accepted.